Monday, May 29, 2017

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to ALL who are remembering loved ones, but to me, this day is special because of two people.

1. My dad - A humble hero, my father was a god to me. Strong and strict, yet gentle and generous; short in stature, yet a giant among leaders. Serving his country took him all over the world, from the breath-taking beauty of Austria, to the jungles of Korea and Vietnam. A proud servant of this country, he retired and lived a quiet life until his heart could no longer go on, and he passed away.

2. My oldest son - This young boy is not quite two years into his military service, but he is already making his mark. A Navy Corpsman assigned to a Marine unit, his job is to make sure everyone is ok by serving as their medic. His goal is to go to med school, become a surgeon and retire as an officer one day. I'm blown away. The icing on the cake is to hear him talk about the friends he's made from boot camp until now, because it reminds me of hearing my dad tell similar stories.

Thanks to all service people working around the clock to keep this nation safe, and my heart goes out to all those that have been lost along the way.

God bless you, and God bless America.