Monday, February 13, 2017

Pondering Time....

Since the dawn of time, the world's great thinkers have looked up at the night sky and explored their innermost thoughts, daring to solve the mysteries of the universe. Many times, those questions have been answered, providing us with luxuries that we often take for granted ... smart phones, medical advances, skittles ...

However, there are many questions left UNanswered; questions that are so deep we may never know the answers ... are we alone in the universe, is time travel possible, Betty or Veronica ...

Today, I join the ranks of the world's great thinkers by posing a conundrum so dripping in mystification it may NEVER be solved....

Who would win in a fight between JASON VORHEES and a horde of ZOMBIES?

Easy answer you say? Consider this...
  1. Jason feels no pain - neither do zombies.
  2. Jason runs from no one - neither do zombies.
  3. Jason cannot be killed - neither can zombies (unless you get them in the noggin).
  4. Jason is basically a zombie himself. Would the horde even acknowledge him?
  5. Would a zombie bite affect Jason (see #4)?
  6. Would the horde overtake Jason, or would he just hack his way through them like Chuck Norris in a room full of pinatas?
So ... did I just twist up your gray matter (Please say yes. This is all I have)? Sweet! Grab some Doritos and diet coke, argue this with your pals and get back to me. I'm curious what you come up with.

Aim high. Run fast. Don't shower in a dark cabin in the woods at night.


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