Thursday, January 5, 2017

The "Old Fashioned" Way

I like photoshop. I like zombies. It only makes sense that I would combine the two and subject my family, friends and unaware celebrities to the horrifying amazing ramifications of the old B'hold Designs Zombification Machine!

The process through which I go to bring these zombies "to life" is a long one. Thanks to tv shows like CSI, most people are convinced that knowing photoshop is simply knowing what button to push, and anything created that way should be completed in seconds. It's not.

First, I select the photo I'd like to use. I have to make sure the resolution is high enough, the lighting isn't blowing everything out (too bright), and whether or not it's too blurry.

Once the photo is chosen, the task begins. It's a long process of cutting out the background, muting the vivid colors, deepening the facial shadows, giving the eyes a creepy, milky look, scars, webs, etc.

Unfortunately, these days a lot of that CAN be done in seconds with the latest and greatest app, right from the comfort of your cellular phone, which makes what I do "old fashioned." That seems so strange to me because it really wasn't that long ago that the phrase "pictures never lie" was a universally acknowledged truth.

Someday, something will come along that will make what the apps do seem outdated, and when that happens, people will look at what I'll still be doing and wonder why I bother wasting my time doing it in such a ridiculously slow manner. And when that day comes, I'll ask them what they prefer ... a microwave dinner anyone can nuke with the push of a button, or a thick steak, slow grilled to perfection ... and then tell them to get off my lawn.

For a full album of my zombie fun, check out my Flickr page, and as always.....

Aim high. Run fast.


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